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The Experience You Need for Insurance Law in Sarasota, FL

Insurance is a trillion dollar industry that’s heavily regulated, making it one of the most elaborate legal fields there is. New laws are constantly being enacted, especially in the health insurance sector, which is why consulting with a professional is so important. Merritt Law, PA is always up to date on the latest in everything related to insurance law in Sarasota, FL. We help you make the best decision for your business and goals, advocating tirelessly on your behalf at every turn.

Because so many companies have engaged in predatory practices, it has become necessary for the industry to be heavily regulated by states. They dictate whom an insurance company can turn away, the types of insurance it has to offer, how claims are handled, and serve to prevent unreasonable denials. The penalties for violating any of these can be steep, and you want insurance litigation experts on your side that can help you avoid them. We work with businesses to help them stay in full compliance and steer clear of penalties where at all possible.

We Remain with You from Start to Finish

Sometimes the acts of one agent can impact the whole company, and only with the aid of someone skilled in corporate law can a client come out all right. Invest in real representation to make a trying time much easier. We handle the investigations and work hard to prepare for out-of-court resolutions and trial cases alike. Every client who comes to us can count on our experienced associates to see their cases through. Some examples of areas we represent businesses in are:

  • Insurer Liability for Agent’s Acts
  • Bad Faith Failure to Pay a Claim
  • Liability for Agent Misconduct
  • Insurance Regulation Violations
  • Annuity Sales Misconduct
  • Unlicensed Insurance Sales
  • Fraudulent Advertising and Fraud in the Sale of Insurance
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Litigation

Your Initial Office Consult

Facing insurance litigation? Come to our office, and we’ll hear out the details of your case. With our initial consult, you can learn what’s possible for your situation.

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