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The Expertise You Need for Computer Law in Sarasota, FL

Technology changes so fast that even staying up to date on the latest iPhone can be tough, let alone the laws surrounding such devices. Fortunately, Merritt Law, PA is dedicated to providing clients like you with professional representation in the latest developments of computer law in Sarasota, FL. Every business needs computers and apps these days, and as a business attorney, we consider it both our responsibility and our privilege to help our clients navigate these fields on solid legal ground.

Telecommunications law governs everything from phones to TV to internet, all of which can be vital to a business’s ability to advertise and communicate with their customers. We know these laws inside and out and can tell you how to make them work for you. Come to us with all of your questions and contracts, and our team will be happy to set up a consultation for you where we discuss your case. Our knowledge covers all of the following technological areas:

  • Contracts for Services, Outsourcing, Software Development
  • Online Sales
  • Privacy Rights
  • Intellectual Property Rights, including Hardware Development and Ownership and Software Creation
  • Big Data Collection and Usage
  • Malware and Security Breaches
  • Tort Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Apps and Hardware System Decisions, Evaluation, Ownership
  • Litigation Relating to the IP Rights

Protecting Your Creations via Intellectual Property Rights

When you and your team are hard at work for years on a system, device, app, or program, you deserve to keep the profits from it. Our skilled legal team can help you protect your intellectual property and ensure the rights associated with it remain yours alone.

We can also help if you find yourself involved in litigation having to do with intellectual property rights. No one should go into cases like these without sound guidance backed up with firm legal representation. Everyone on our team works as hard as they can for you so that you and your business have the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Our Computer Law Services Have a Wide Range

There are so many ways technology has changed the corporate world, to say nothing of day-to-day life. From apps to e-commerce to digital communications, there’s an abundance of legal areas that may not have existed in previous decades. Our firm keeps up with them, so you don’t have to.

Learn more about computer legal protections by contacting us for a consult. Ensure your rights are always upheld by relying on us.