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What is alternative dispute resolution?



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A true dispute resolution is a mechanism whereby you can resolve your case without having to go through a trial. It benefits you, and it benefits other parties because of it is less expensive than going through a trial. One of the ways that you can employ ADR is through mediation. Mediation is a process where you sit down and the other parties do as well with a neutral, meaning someone who does not have any knowledge, [inaudible], or stake in the case, or the dispute. That is absolutely non-binding, and the parties themselves make the determination as to whether it’s resolved.

Arbitration you substitute the judge, the jury, and the entire court system for another entity coming in and taking it over and running it through the entire judicial process for you. It will be something that come to hiring a lawyer or a retired judge. That person will hear the case and would render an opinion. That opinion is binding upon the parties, and can only be overturned in very, very unique and special circumstances.