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What is a patent?



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A patent is another type of intellectual property law. A patent is something that you would typically think that you might use with regard to windshield wipers on your car, or remote door opening fobs for your car. But a patent is something that fairly recently can be applied to software programs now. It gives the person that has the patent the absolute right to control not just the rights in the fob to open your car doors remotely, or in a piece of software. But it also prevents someone from making a derivative product of that, and going ahead and trying to use that to take part of your business away.

Trademarks, copyrights, and patents are all different ways that you can protect your rights to something. But one of the most important ones of all is patent, because you can use it for even drugs. The types of ingredients you use to create a new type of drug, cancer drugs, things like that.

So, talk to an attorney, and you can work together, and make certain that you have the best way to protect whatever it is, the intellectual property that you own, in a particular product would be. Be it copyright, patent, or trademark.