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What duty does the insurance company have that is different from most businesses?



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An insurance company issues things that are called insurance contracts or policies, they also issue things that are called annuities, things like that. What are these things? These are basically bets that the insurance company makes with you. They use the law of large numbers and they make these determinations, and then they say that they will insure your property or your life, for a certain amount of money. They will also do things like handle losses that you may incur as a result of a flood or a storm. What an insurance company is supposed to do, what they’re in business to do, is to pay claims. But therein lies the problem that you can have with an insurance company.

Insurance companies, as a result of a large hurricane, things like that, may actually find themselves kind of rationing payments that they make. The biggest thing that you want to do, is make certain that the insurance company knows that you’re going to aggressively pursue payment of those funds, and you’re not going to wait for months or years. So, what you want to do, is have an attorney work with you if you have any issues with having any claims paid, and get the attorney to take the appropriate actions against the insurance company, because if you don’t do that, you can spend a lot of time, months, years, and never be paid on the policy that you’ve purchased from the company.