FIRECHAT - Terms of Service and Battery Drain

FIRECHAT was made famous by the Umbrella Movement (or Revolution) in Hong Kong has a few glaring problems.  After downloading the app, I did as I always do, and clicked on the TOS.  The TOS remains "Under Legal Review."  In other words, the app has no TOS with its users.  A huge problem as shown with the previously legally reviewed app, SHOPRUNNER.  From a technology perspective, the app has two significant problems. First, it works poorly, typically failing to recognize users just a few feet away.  Second, it is a battery drain, particularly on the Samsung Galaxy S5.  On the S5, even when "turned off" through Android, FIRECHAT continues to eat battery strength.  At this time, there is no reason to use this app.  

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This time, choose a professional with legal, business, technology, project management and consulting experience.

"Outside General Counsel" and Technology Consultant.  You can have a dedicated business consultant, technology consultant and legal representative without the cost of expensive hourly billing, but instead pay a flat monthly fee for services.

Management, Technology Marketing Program Development, Technical Sales, Consultative Sales.

Technology and Consultative Sales.  Jack Merritt’s career with IBM began as a Systems Engineer.  IBM’s training program was one year long with work in an IBM branch office and technical sales training and database design and programming training lasting several weeks at a time in an IBM training and development center.  This training consisted of classroom, computer lab work, sales techniques and simulated sales calls with IBM managers.  This training was evaluated and graded.  Several candidates did not pass the training program and left IBM.  When not at a training center, the trainees worked with other Sales Representatives and Systems Engineers in the branch.  During the training, the students did not have assigned clients and territories.  Although training was designed to develop the individual in the IBM technical consultative training methodology, Mr. Merritt requested and was given a full territory and clients to replace a Systems Engineer who was promoted into management.  Just six months into the one year training program, Jack was asked to take the responsibility of a second full territory and its associated clients.  Before completing the first year of training, Mr. Merritt had taken on the full responsibilities of two prior systems engineers.  His geographic area included the states of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Mr. Merritt created and developed project plans to convert from competitively installed hardware and software.  He also led several sales programs to sell more IBM hardware, system software and application software.  He was extremely successful in finding other opportunities within existing clients for the sale of additional solutions, including hardware, IBM software and software from OEM providers.

While selling and consulting within his existing territory, Mr. Merritt developed a marketing program that IBM adopted and used in its sales offices throughout the United States. Mr. Merritt was promoted several times and joined the regional marketing staff that encompassed several states.  Mr. Merritt was promoted to the position of Systems Engineering and Sales Manager.  His technical sales unit sold throughout Maryland, including marketing to the State of Maryland and the United States Government in Ft. Meade, Maryland.  During his professional time with IBM he received a Regional Award, multiple technical sales awards, quota achievement recognition.  While in a manager, Mr. Merritt’s quota was $51,300,000 USD, comprised of hardware sales, consulting sales, software and maintenance program sales. 

One of the World’s Largest Law Firms.

Mr. Merritt began his professional legal career when he was hired by Piper & Marbury, LLP to work in its corporate legal department.  The firm is now known as DLA Piper and is one of the largest law firms in the world.  Mr. Merritt worked in the firm’s corporate legal department.  While in that department, he provided legal services on a several hundred millions of dollars acquisition and merger between a large Maryland based medical laboratory and Corning.  Mr. Merritt drafted several of the documents and participated in the closing on the transaction.  During this time, Mr. Merritt worked on an initial private placement, including interfacing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  He provided legal services on a private placement, as well as, the acquisition of companies by an investment group that specialized in turnarounds.  He also was counsel and worked on cases for General Motors, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, Exxon, and several other cases, including asbestos lawsuits.

Top U.S. Insurance Company.

Jack left Piper for a large U.S. Insurance Company, USF&G and its life insurance subsidiary, F&G Life.  Mr. Merritt handled all advertising compliance issues, national litigation, and he was the creator, developer and project manager of the companywide successful project plan for it to achieve the goal of becoming a successful charter member of the industry’s response to alleged unethical marketing and sales programs brought by several states.  He also successfully led all responses to audits performed by several states to investigate the company’s marketing, sales, compliance and regulatory functions.

International Consulting Company.

Mr. Merritt was recruited by and joined an international consulting company that worked with improving throughout and reducing manufacturing costs.  As its General Counsel and Director of Worldwide Legal Affairs, Mr. Merritt negotiated consulting agreements with clients located in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.  Additionally, Mr. Merritt worked with lawyers in England, Ireland, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Ireland, as well as other countries.  Mr. Merritt participated in arbitrations arising from some contracts.  

Experience in Technology, Business, Consulting, Project Management, International Projects, Regulatory Matters, Corporate Funding, Manufacturing and the Insurance Industry.  

When you ask your next lawyer about the experience and education that he has and he mentions a list of several law firms, ask for the specific experience and success in all of those areas in law and business.  Few will go beyond their legal experience and, if the lawyer is slow to respond, consider calling Jack Merritt to discuss your business, technology, marketing and sales, and legal needs with someone who actually has experience and education in those areas.  Few other than the very largest firms have experience in so many diverse areas of the law.  Few lawyers have the education, experience and a record of success in business, the law and international matters transactions.


Mr. Merritt has (i) a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree concentrating in accounting and graduated cum laude, (ii) a Master’s Degree in Business Administration concentrating in financial matters and (iii) a Juris Doctorate, graduating magna cum laude.

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