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Are employee manuals important?



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Employee manuals for new employees, extremely important. They are important because that new person coming in to work for you is an investment for your business. It’s an investment of time and money that you’re going to put into that person. It makes sense then to make certain that person understands the rules of working for you. The manuals handle those types of issues for you.

They also provide you with a mechanism whereby you can provide notice to them. So that if you do have to take some type of adverse employment action against them in the future, they already understand what the issues are. You can also lay down things like open door policies. Other ways that you can let them know if you got an issue, you can come directly to me. You don’t have to, necessarily, go through your immediate supervisor. They’re extremely important, they are a very, very good investment of your money, and they can be something that can be modified as your business changes.